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8 Foods That Can Strengthen Your Teeth

Do you suffer from weak, flimsy teeth despite your adherence to an oral hygiene routine? If so, your diet might be to blame for your mouth issues. Food and nutrition play an extremely important role in both your oral and overall health. To strengthen your teeth and improve their appearance, try adding the following foods to your diet.


Yogurt is packed with calcium and yogurt, which has been proven to strengthen tooth enamel. Not only that, but it contains probiotics, which are helpful bacteria that can fight against the bad bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities. Just to be sure to avoid yogurt that’s loaded with added sugar, as this could counteract the positives.


Avocados have surged in popularity for a reason: they taste great and are amazing for your dental health. In addition to being packed with fiber that helps you improve your gut microbiome, avocados contain numerous fatty acids. These assist you in absorbing fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamins K-1 and E.


“An apple a day keeps the dentist away,” isn’t a real saying, but maybe it should be. Apples have a lot of water and fiber, which helps to cleanse your mouth of harmful bacteria and lingering food particles. Because you have to chew the fibrous skin of the apple, this activity also stimulates your gums.


You probably already know that dark, leafy greens like spinach are good for you, but did you realize the benefits they could have for your teeth? Spinach contains vitamins A and C, as well as folic acid. These nutrients can help treat gum disease and promote overall oral health.


If you needed a justifiable excuse for pigging out on cheese, you’ve finally got one. Cheese is loaded with calcium and protein, which as mentioned above, does wonders for your tooth enamel. What’s more, research has found that eating cheese increases the pH level of your mouth, effectively lowering your chances of tooth decay.


The fermented flavor of sauerkraut is more than just tasty – it’s also an effective method of disease prevention. Because sauerkraut is fermented, it contains bacteria that produce lactic acid. Studies have revealed that these type of bacteria can slow down the progression of harmful bacteria in your mouth, preventing tooth decay. Sauerkraut also contains vitamin K2, an important nutrient for healthy gums and digestion.


Similar to an apple, carrots are fibrous and crunchy, meaning they’re a great way to clean off your teeth at the end of a meal. They also help your mouth produce more saliva, which lowers the chances of you developing a cavity. Finally, carrots contain vitamin A, which can improve your well-being.


Garlic is a tasty addition to nearly any meal, so its health benefits are just an added bonus. Most of them are attributable to a component of garlic known as allicin. Allicin has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which can fight against oral flora imbalance.

Of course, these aren’t the only foods to eat for good oral health. To truly strengthen your teeth, eating a well-balanced diet is the best option. For more help improving your oral health, contact us today!

About Dr Kevin Low

It could be argued that Dr.Kevin Low was born to be a dentist. Dr. Low has been around drills and prophy-paste his whole life, as his father was also a practicing dentist. As a teen, he would volunteer in his dad's dental office, and those days he spent watching his father work made him realize that dentistry was more than just drilling and filling. He watched patients come into his dad's office self-conscious, and leave as people who could not wait to show off their new smiles. Dr. Low saw the transformational impact restoring someone's smile had on their life, and knew he wanted to be the guy to do it.

Dr. Low began his journey by training in health sciences during his undergraduate years at Creighton University in Omaha. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he went on to the School of Dentistry, where he earned his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Armed with the knowledge and passion of a caring and skilled doctor, he began his search for the perfect place to practice.

In 2009 he landed the amazing position at Above and Beyond Dentistry and Implants. Having been raised on the West Coast, Dr. Low was happy to be back to the mild winters of the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Low loves where he works, and really considers it an honor to be able to practice what he loves every day.

Dr. Low boasts of having the best team in Washington at Above and Beyond Dentistry and Implants. His team exemplifies what it means to be in the healthcare profession. They are caring, gentle, and professional. They truly love working with the community members of Battle Ground, Washington. You won't find a better place to have your dental health taken care of than at Dr. Low's office.

Dr. Low also appreciates all things technology-based, and offers the most up to date procedures to his patients. He loves that he is in a place where he can transform his patients' smiles more comfortably than ever before. Dr. Low is making a difference, one smile at a time, and would love to be a lifelong partner in your oral health.

His story has truly come full circle, as he gets to transform the health and smiles of patients every day. He can‘t imagine doing anything else with his career.

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