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Dental Implant or a Dental Bridge: What’s the Difference?

If you are missing teeth, you’re not alone. Among adults age 35 to 44, 69% of them have lost at least one adult tooth. It’s important to replace the tooth you’ve lost, so you can avoid potential bone loss, improve your teeth’s function, or simply improve the aesthetics of your smile. But when you go to the dentist, you’ll notice that there is more than one option for replacing missing teeth; dental implants or dental bridges. Here’s the difference between the two.

Dental Implant

dental impant

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a replacement tooth with a titanium implant that is placed into the jawbone. You can compare it to a replacement hip or knee, except it’s a root for a new tooth.

Dental implants can last a lifetime and they don’t require as much maintenance as a bridge. They also look very natural and can greatly improve your overall smile. Dental implants protect your smile and stop any deterioration of your jaw bone. Last but not least, they don’t put any extra strain on your teeth. Since an implant has its own support, it doesn’t rely on the surrounding teeth for chewing, leaving them as healthy as possible.

All these advantages come with a higher price tag and a longer procedure. The timeframe it takes to place an implant can be 3-4 months, and the cost will depend on the condition of your jawbone and the type of implant you need.

Dental Bridge

dental bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge fills the gap of a missing tooth without drilling into the jawbone. A bridge is supported by the teeth on either side of the space, and is made fused to crowns that are placed on those teeth.

Bridges don’t look as natural as implants, and they need to be replaced every 5-7 years. In order to prepare a bridge, the healthy teeth next to the space end up losing a good amount of tooth structure so they can be crowned. These teeth also undergo quite a bit of stress as they now bear the pressure from the missing tooth that still has no root.

Bridges are less expensive and have a quicker procedure. You might think of it as a quick and easy fix for the short term, while dental implants are the more permanent solution for missing teeth.

No matter which solution you choose, it’s important to speak to a dentist who can explain the pros and cons of both, and answer any questions you may have. If you’re missing teeth, feel free to contact our office today.

About Dr Kevin Low

It could be argued that Dr.Kevin Low was born to be a dentist. Dr. Low has been around drills and prophy-paste his whole life, as his father was also a practicing dentist. As a teen, he would volunteer in his dad's dental office, and those days he spent watching his father work made him realize that dentistry was more than just drilling and filling. He watched patients come into his dad's office self-conscious, and leave as people who could not wait to show off their new smiles. Dr. Low saw the transformational impact restoring someone's smile had on their life, and knew he wanted to be the guy to do it.

Dr. Low began his journey by training in health sciences during his undergraduate years at Creighton University in Omaha. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he went on to the School of Dentistry, where he earned his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Armed with the knowledge and passion of a caring and skilled doctor, he began his search for the perfect place to practice.

In 2009 he landed the amazing position at Above and Beyond Dentistry and Implants. Having been raised on the West Coast, Dr. Low was happy to be back to the mild winters of the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Low loves where he works, and really considers it an honor to be able to practice what he loves every day.

Dr. Low boasts of having the best team in Washington at Above and Beyond Dentistry and Implants. His team exemplifies what it means to be in the healthcare profession. They are caring, gentle, and professional. They truly love working with the community members of Battle Ground, Washington. You won't find a better place to have your dental health taken care of than at Dr. Low's office.

Dr. Low also appreciates all things technology-based, and offers the most up to date procedures to his patients. He loves that he is in a place where he can transform his patients' smiles more comfortably than ever before. Dr. Low is making a difference, one smile at a time, and would love to be a lifelong partner in your oral health.

His story has truly come full circle, as he gets to transform the health and smiles of patients every day. He can‘t imagine doing anything else with his career.

Stop in and meet Dr. Low and his team, or give us a call at (360) 989-3717.

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