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Restorative Dentistry

Beautiful, Natural Smiles for Life

At Above & Beyond Dentistry & Implants, we understand how decayed, broken and missing teeth can affect many aspects of your life. Your confidence will suffer, it can be hard to enjoy eating, your speech patterns may be compromised, and your oral health may be at risk. That’s why we use only the most advanced technology and durable, natural-looking ceramics to restore your smile quickly and conveniently so you can get back to the things that matter most with a beautiful, natural looking smile that stands up to the test of time.

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If you are worried about a cracked tooth, chipped teeth, or are suffering from tooth decay that has badly damaged your tooth, porcelain dental crowns may be the right option for you. Dr. Low of Battle Ground, Washington wants you to have a healthy smile, and that may be achieved with the placement of a durable and attractive porcelain crown.

What can I expect if I do need a dental crown?

A porcelain crown is a routine procedure for your Above & Beyond Dentistry team, so be confident you are in excellent hands!  A crown is simply a tooth-shaped cap that covers the damaged tooth and restores its shape and improves its appearance. There are many reasons why a crown may be necessary, and the great news is, once it is in place, no one will ever know it isn’t your natural tooth.  Porcelain crowns look amazing but also function to protect teeth from further damage, or loss of the tooth altogether.

If a porcelain crown is needed to repair a broken, chipped, or badly decayed tooth, Dr. Low will first assess your tooth, take an x-ray if needed, and determine if the tooth is fit for a crown.  If it is, an impression of the tooth will be taken in order to create your perfectly fitting crown. The mold will be sent to a laboratory where your final crown will be fabricated. In the meantime, you will be fit with a temporary crown and then return for a final fitting of your permanent, natural looking dental crown.

Dental crowns look just like natural teeth but are more than just a cosmetic fix. Crowns protect the damaged teeth from further problems, as they are strong enough to endure regular eating and drinking. Give us a call and schedule a consultation today to find out if a crown is right for you!


Battle Ground, Washington dentist, Dr. Low, is sensitive to the needs of his patients, especially those with tooth loss. Missing teeth can be a source of insecurity and embarrassment, and many Battle Ground residents could benefit from a porcelain bridge. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth and would like a natural looking tooth replacement to get your smile back to its beautiful, well-functioning condition, a dental bridge by Dr. Low may be the solution for you. Dental bridges are fixed to the teeth on either side of the opening and do not require removal for cleaning.

A dental bridge could be for you if:

  • You are missing a tooth or teeth
  • Teeth are moving or rotating on either side of a gap, causing discomfort
  • You desire to chew normally again
  • You would like a more stable alternative to a denture
  • You want your restoration to look and function like your natural teeth

If you think a dental bridge might be a good option to solve your issue, Dr. Low and his team will walk you through the process. The procedure is nothing to be nervous about. Dr. Low will take impressions of the area to be restored, and then create a prosthetic piece that fits perfectly in the open space. He will bond either end of the bridge to the adjacent teeth, making sure the bridge is stable and will not move when you eat. Bridges can also be secured with dental implants instead of crowns to preserve surrounding teeth and stabilize the jawbone.

Benefits of a porcelain bridge

Like all tooth restorations, there are both health and cosmetic benefits. It is important that the adjoining teeth will no longer be free to rotate or move, helping to preserve your bite. It will help prevent ‘sunken face’ and you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods without hassle. You will also regain a beautiful, confident smile. Your dental bridge is flawlessly matched to your natural teeth, so smiling will be something you are proud to do again.


Losing your natural teeth can be difficult. Dr. Low of Battle Ground, Washington is sympathetic to any embarrassment you may be experiencing due to missing teeth. Dr. Low wants you to know that he and his team will work hard to get you an amazingly attractive and functional smile. If you have lost your teeth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma, dentures may be a great option for you. Dr. Low uses the most up-to-date materials and technology to get his patients comfortable, beautiful dentures.

Will dentures work for me?

These days, dentures are a much different experience than what your parents or grandparents endured. A denture that is well done can change your life. Dentures or partials have taken our patients with little to no confidence, to smiling, laughing, and eating all of their favorite foods with abandon! Dentures completed by Dr. Low are prepared with such attention to detail, things like slight variances in color, translucency, and shape of natural teeth are replicated in the denture.

Dentures do more than provide a beautiful smile, they also serve the very important purpose of maintaining bone structure. When teeth are lost, the bone beneath begins to atrophy. A denture or partial can help maintain the structure of the bone and prevent ‘sunken face’ and bone deterioration. Dentures can also help recover normal speech. The muscles in your mouth may regain normal function when teeth are put back in place. Not only will dentures help your bone structure and speech, having a full mouth of teeth again allows you to eat foods you may not have enjoyed for a long time.

Contemporary dentures are placed with such precision, they are less likely to slip or move during your daily activities. However, if you are interested in dentures that are even more secure, Dr. Low can discuss placing implants that will act as extra support. Implant supported dentures are an even more secure option, as implants help lock the denture in place. The denture will be made to connect to the implants for a stable and comfortable fit.

“Everyone is great…my relined dentures feel wonderful, as if they were not there. Can’t wait to have the uppers done. See you soon!!”

– Karen O.

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