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Sedation Dentistry

A relaxing dental experience is possible with Sedation Dentistry!

If you are one of the many Battle Ground and Vancouver, Washington residents suffering from dental anxiety, you may be missing out on much-needed care. Dr. Low is happy to offer sedation dentistry. You can reduce your anxiety and have the freedom to receive the quality gentle care you need.

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Dental Anxiety

If you have suffered from a negative dental experience in the past, you may find that you’re dragging your feet each time you come to the dentist. Some of you from the Battle Ground and Vancouver, Washington area, maybe avoiding the dentist altogether, all because of dental anxiety

How can you address your dental phobia and anxiety? Consider how Above and Beyond has treated some of the common causes of Dental anxiety:

  • Fear of pain: It is not normal to look forward to painful treatment, but a heightened fear of pain may cause some to forget of the benefit of the treatment altogether. If you had a previous, unpleasant experience, you might feel that pain-free dental care is impossible. Dentistry has advanced over the years significantly reducing pain associated with treatments and even finding pain-free solutions for some procedures! At Above and Beyond dentistry, we take a technology first approach to comfort based care. Utilizing the latest in dental technology coupled with a staff dedicated to gentle and comfortable care, we can help you overcome your fear of discomfort and benefit from the quality care you deserve.

  • Fear of injections and Anesthesia: Many people are afraid of needles. For some patients, knowing that a needle used for anesthesia is necessary to reduce pain isn’t enough. They may also worry that the anesthesia the needle applies won’t work; not to mention the discomfort associated with local anesthetics. We understand that, at times, administering a local anesthetic using needles is necessary. Our office diligently works to create a calm and comfortable environment to help you feel at ease during injections. The gentle approach of Dr. Low and our staff contributes to reducing concern and discomfort as well.

  • Feeling helpless: It’s common for people to feel these emotions considering the situation – sitting in a dental chair with your mouth wide open, unable to see what’s going on. However, Dr. Low and his team understand the importance of trust and respect all patients’ boundaries. If you need or want to stop a procedure due to anxiety, let us know and we can help you through the moment.

  • Embarrassment: Especially for patients visiting our office after a long time, you may feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth or concerned regarding mouth odors. We encourage you to remember that you are in the perfect place to address the cause of your discomfort. We understand the power feeling comfortable and confident about your smile and oral health can provide. We are working with you to overcome oral health challenges and improve your quality of life. Please rest assured that Above and Beyond is a safe space for you to receive the treatment you need.

Sedation Dentistry can help!

If you still feel as though your reasons for dental anxiety are too high to overcome, sedation dentistry is the option for you! Oral Sedation is a prescription pill taken before your visit to help you relax. This small tranquilizer is an effective way to push past your fear and achieve your oral health goals!

Oral sedation helps the most anxious of our patients feel comfortable during treatment. Many remember little about their appointment, and others sleep through their procedure! You can receive life-changing treatment and improve your oral and overall health with the help of oral sedation.

While the majority of our Battle Ground and Vancouver, Washington patients can overcome their fears using oral sedation, in some instances more is needed. Above and Beyond Dentistry works with an oral surgeon who can provide IV sedation as well.

“The whole staff was so personable and warm. Me being a dentaphobe, I went to a therapist to be able to come in. I felt no pain and feel comfortable to come in anytime with little to no fear. Thank you my new family dentist, Dr. Low.”

– Randy

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