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If you are worried about a cracked tooth, chipped teeth, or are suffering from tooth decay that has badly damaged your tooth, porcelain dental crowns may be the right option for you. Dr. Low of Battle Ground, Washington wants you to have a healthy smile, and that may be achieved with the placement of a durable and attractive porcelain crown.

What can I expect if I do need a dental crown?

A porcelain crown is a routine procedure for your Above & Beyond Dentistry team, so be confident you are in excellent hands! A crown is simply a tooth-shaped cap that covers the damaged tooth and restores its shape and improves its appearance. There are many reasons why a crown may be necessary, and the great news is, once it is in place, no one will ever know it isn’t your natural tooth. Porcelain crowns look amazing but also function to protect teeth from further damage, or loss of the tooth altogether.

If a porcelain crown is needed to repair a broken, chipped, or badly decayed tooth, Dr. Low will first assess your tooth, take an x-ray if needed, and determine if the tooth is fit for a crown. If it is, an impression of the tooth will be taken in order to create your perfectly fitting crown. The mold will be sent to a laboratory where your final crown will be fabricated. In the meantime, you will be fit with a temporary crown and then return for a final fitting of your permanent, natural looking dental crown.

Dental crowns look just like natural teeth but are more than just a cosmetic fix. Crowns protect the damaged teeth from further problems, as they are strong enough to endure regular eating and drinking. Give us a call and schedule a consultation today to find out if a crown is right for you!

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