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Back to School Smile Prep for Your Child’s Oral Health Success

Posted August 15th, 2019

It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for summer fun, and summer bbq’s but back to school is just around the corner yet again. Why not get the kids off to a great start this school year with

Enjoy Summer Fun with these Smile-Saving BBQ tips

Posted July 19th, 2019

Summer is full of fun and BBQs. If you’re not careful, it can also be full of oral health pitfalls. Find out how you can navigate your way through the summer with your healthiest smile yet! Protect your pearly whites:

You can take control of your dental anxiety!

Posted June 6th, 2019

Most people would agree that going to the dentist isn’t very high on their list of favorite activities; it definitely falls under the category of necessity, not recreation. The fact is, regular dental visits are beneficial for our health. But

Battle Ground Teens are Rock Solid!

Posted April 17th, 2019

Going Above and Beyond isn’t just a name, it’s a motto for Dr. Low and the rest of the team. As you know, we love applying our efforts to help the community with healthy smiles and good oral health, but

8 Foods That Can Strengthen Your Teeth

Posted December 14th, 2018

Do you suffer from weak, flimsy teeth despite your adherence to an oral hygiene routine? If so, your diet might be to blame for your mouth issues. Food and nutrition play an extremely important role in both your oral and

Why Mouth Breathing is Bad for Your Oral Health

Posted October 12th, 2018

Most mouth breathers do not even know they are one! There are many things you need to do to keep a healthy mouth such as brushing, flossing, but who knew avoiding a lot of breathing through your mouth is also

Our Favorite Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Vancouver, WA

Posted August 2nd, 2018

Our office in Battle Ground, WA is only about 20 minutes from Vancouver. Vancouver has a lot to offer, including places to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even though we are a dentist office, we still like to indulge every once

We’re Proudly Supporting Battle Ground Harvest Days

Posted July 18th, 2018

Everyone who visits our practice is aware of our dentist, Dr. Kevin Low’s deep commitment to our local community, and to all the wonderful businesses that make it such an enjoyable place to live. It is just part of the

Dental Implant or a Dental Bridge: What’s the Difference?

Posted June 12th, 2018

If you are missing teeth, you’re not alone. Among adults age 35 to 44, 69% of them have lost at least one adult tooth. It’s important to replace the tooth you’ve lost, so you can avoid potential bone loss, improve

Above & Beyond Dentistry Helping Wishes to Come True

Posted May 16th, 2018

Many of you already know of Dr. Low’s commitment to our local community, which is why we were delighted when one of our patients invited us to contribute to the Make-A-Wish foundation. One of our lovely patients shared her passion

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